Duy Khanh Nguyen
3D artist
Concept artist
I am a graduate student who is passionate about game art and would love to study further to become a master in game design.  I have been trained in 2D animation and art during university, worked as an illustrator for children’s book and a 3D artist in the game industry. I am studying Game Design at the Academy of Art - San Francisco.  I love learning new things, challenging jobs, and have experience in management as well as the ability to work well in team.

5/2014-8/2014 Riot Games
                         Santa Monica, CA
                         -Environment Art Intern
1/2014-5/2014 Nway Inc.
                         San Francisco, CA
                         -Contractor Environment Artist
2010 -2011      GlassEgg digital media
Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

-Trained to become a 3D artist.
-Work well with 3Dsmax, Maya, and ZBrush software.
-Understand about 3D modeling, UV and texture for games (Both stylized and realistic style).
-Participated in 2 projects about computer games that involved animated objects, weapons, and character models.
2/2011          48 Hours Film Contest
-Involved in a film-making contest and created a short-stop motion film among team members.
1/2011          TV program
-Completed a 2D animation trailer for a TV show.
2005-2010    University's Capstone Project
                     -Led and managed a film-making team as Director, Animator, Layout, and Editor in producing a cartoon animation titled : The Myth.
2008-2009     Training outside the university
                      -Study about 3D software: 3Dsmax, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator.
                      -Experience in 3D animation, rendering, film editor.
2006-2009      Thuong Huyen Book company
-Illustrated twenty four children’s books.

2015               -2nd Riot Games Art Contest - Environment Art
2015               -Runner up Blizzard Student Art Contest - Character Design
2014               -Winner Blizzard Student Art Contest - Weapon design
2014               -1st place for 3D character - Spring Show -The Academy of Art San Francisco
2014               -1st place for Art Direction - Spring Show - The Academy of Art San Francisco
2013               -1st place for 3D environment - Spring Show - The Academy of Art San Francisco.

-3Dsmax:         Modeling, texturing, UV, rendering, animation.
-Maya:            Modeling. texturing, UV, Lighting, rendering, animation.
-Zbrush:          Brushes, export map (diffuse, normal, displacement), material .
-Unity:             Understand the fundamental, animation, importing FBX file, and scripting needed to create a playable game.
-Photoshop:   Layer, selection, brushes, blending mode, color adjustment, filters.
-Adobe Illustrator: Vector drawing.
-Adobe Indesign: Layout books, magazines, newspapers.
-Adobe Premier Pro: Film editor, mask, time line, Fx, transitions.

            I have joined the YCS organization (Youth Catholic Students) and do many activities. Every year, we visit the Di Linh leper house in the Lam Dong province (Vietnam) operated by nuns. The patients are indigenous people who are cast out from their village because of the disease. Though they may now be cured, their community is still denying them. I have to say that I am touched every time meeting them. I will come back and help their community after I finish my studies. I want their children to have a chance for good educations.

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